The Ultimate Card Jitsu Guide

Snowkuk's Ultimate Card Jitsu Guide

Hey guys snowkuk here ! Here is a handy dandy guide to the Card-JItsu !


Well , Basically , Fire beats Snow , Snow beats Water and Water beats Fire .

(Pretty much like Rock, Paper, & Scissors)

If both the players get the same type , the higher number wins the round

For example , if I get number 5 of water , and my friend gets number 2 of water , I will win the round.

The one who wins the 3 different types of card , each in different color , wins the game.


The one who wins 3 same type of cards , each in different color , wins the game.

Becoming a Ninja

To become a ninja , you have to beat other players in the competition mode , get to the black belt  and then beat the sensei in sensei mode.

To play in the competition , go to sensei , and then select the “competition mode” .


Every time you win or lose a battle , you gain points for the next belt . Never quite a match because even losing gets you points . There are 9 belts.

Black belt is the highest rank.

The new progress bar tells you an exact percentage of your progress to a Black Belt!

After getting to the black belt , you challenge the sensei. After defeating the sensei , you get the ninja mask and access to a secret room !


Getting to the black belt

Here are some tricks to help you getting to the black belt quicker and easier

Try to use the card with the highest number in your deck

(preferably Snow because most people are prone to use Snow and Water cards)

Now , don’t directly try jump for the victory . Use a type with which you have already won with.

For example , in the picture above , I need a fire card to win . But instead , I use another Water type to further increase my chances of winning.

Now , to even further increase my chances , instead of using a Water or Fire type , I use a Snow type .

The opponent , thinking I would put a Water or Fire type , would be likely to play a Snow or Water type.

The opponent will now be in a total sea of confusion ! There are 3 possibilities for me to win the match now !

Also , try to think what the opponent would be thinking of your next move.

For example you only need a Fire type to win , so if you see it from the opponents point of view , he/she would be thinking of playing a Water type to stop you . So you instead use a high number of Water type or simply use a Snow type .

There are also Special Cards, which have highest number 10 in a beginner pack.

Once this card used , in the next round if it is a tie , then instead of the higher number , the lower number will win! Its pretty useful if you just keep getting low number cards .

Now , after getting to the black belt eventually , go to the sensei and then play sensei mode. He will be unbeatable for atleast 8-10 matches , but after that , he will become very easy to defeat .

Also it will be more easy wining with the secret cards which have higher numbers and special moves.

You will be able to get these cards via the code you get from a trading card game

when you become ninja you can do this

The room is called Flying Flippers Emporium.

You can view the ninja catalog from this room and buy ninja stuff

Click the catalog below to see the catalog yourself !

You can also play the card-jitsu game here and if throw snowballs at the gongs on the wall , they will make a loud “GONG!” noise.

I hope that this guide helps you in becoming a black belt in no time !

Good Luck In Your Ninja Training !


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