Archived For Future Enjoyment

Archived For Future Enjoyment Hello future self or stranger people of the internet! This blog was started back in December of 2008. This blog contains many posts and memories from my childhood. Hint to future self, Somewhere on this blog is a list of things that I thought would happen in the future. If you […]

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More News

As you know was being improved and was to be very much like Arctic antics. That can’t happen because I realized  that its not just html,javascript, and CSS. So if anyone would like to help that has experience in php! I will Annouce a new MembersX 1.0.1, and you will see code improvements on […]

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First MembersX Comp over

As you can see agent 20003 has won one month of membership for club penguin! PS: Thanks to all the contestants,agent’s Points will be deleted and every else has 3 days to buy items and save there points and remember you can only get up to three of each item! Thanks

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Card-Jitsu Updates Coming!

Hello Penguins! You’ve told us you love Card-Jitsu and the ninja journey. You’ve told us it would be even better if you could see your belt progress. You’ve told us it would be really cool to be able to see your online card collection. (Did we mention we think you’re awesome for telling us what […]

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Happy77 talks writing plays!

Here’s what happy77 has to say: Greetings Penguins!   Everyone seems to be excited about having a new play at the Stage and we thought an interview with someone who did some of the writing for it would be in order. So without further fuss, here’s the scoop on [insert ghosty sounds here]: The Haunting […]

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Rockhopper’s Coming!

look at what rockhopper’s bringing to club penguin! Hello Penguins!   Have you been to the Lighthouse lately? Should you feel like waddling there and going up to the Beacon, check out the telescope!! You may see a ship belonging to our very own Captain Rockhopper. I’m not going to say too much, but I […]

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Ninja-Medieval!(& a contest coming)

look at this funny pic!lol Hello Penguins! Your combinations were too cool!the team was in awe of some of your ninja-midieval style mix-ups!Heres a realy cool one: Wev’ve even added 5,000 coins to thier account for making us smile. In other news:We’ve  got new igloo furniture today!And start thinking ahead because there’s going to be a […]

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