Archived For Future Enjoyment

Archived For Future Enjoyment Hello future self or stranger people of the internet! This blog was started back in December of 2008. This blog contains many posts and memories from my childhood. Hint to future self, Somewhere on this blog is a list of things that I thought would happen in the future. If you […]

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More News

As you know was being improved and was to be very much like Arctic antics. That can’t happen because I realized  that its not just html,javascript, and CSS. So if anyone would like to help that has experience in php! I will Annouce a new MembersX 1.0.1, and you will see code improvements on […]

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First MembersX Comp over

As you can see agent 20003 has won one month of membership for club penguin! PS: Thanks to all the contestants,agent’s Points will be deleted and every else has 3 days to buy items and save there points and remember you can only get up to three of each item! Thanks

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Club Penguin News

There is a members-only segment where members get to go on a special quest! This is a special guide and walkthrough for this quest. Club Penguin is starting to get innovative! Firstly, click on the poster at the Town, and click on ‘ Go There’  to go to the Cave. Members will be able to […]

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Games Blog

Go to and play the monkey game then comment with you high score winner after the timer ends wins 200 arctic coins! Please play this game!

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Random Rabbit is Hidden

Some where on this site random rabbit is hidden when you find him in order to keep from everyone finding him there is a password the password is part of the address. [Thats a hint one more hint you must comment on the page you found him in order to get the rabbit. Any questions […]

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Club Penguin Hill Fun

Hey Penguins! A new sled and new songs! Game upgrades to Sled Racing and Dance Contest are here and we’re really excited to hear what you think. Hello Penguins! Hgimvfnu here! There is an sledding update at cp!T he update is like the update at the other club penguin games (surfing,hydro hopper, etc. )! See […]

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CP Ski Hill Update and Newspaper

On Friday, one of Club Penguin’s oldest games called sled racing will be updated. Sled racing is one of the five original games that have been around since Club Penguin launched. Starting Friday, you’ll be able to buy a toboggan and ride down the hill with it. A traditional sled will also be available at […]

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