Club Penguin News

There is a members-only segment where members get to go on a special quest! This is a special guide and walkthrough for this quest. Club Penguin is starting to get innovative!

Firstly, click on the poster at the Town, and click on ‘ Go There’  to go to the Cave.


Members will be able to enter the gate and enter the quest rooms.


For the first challenge, all you have to do is to light up all the bulbs. Pretty easy task right? Proceed to the next room after doing so.


Here, you obtain your first free item in this quest!


You now have the Golden Shield!


Complete the second challenge in that room by hitting 50 targets on shot, and proceed to the next room.


The next room is known as the Maze Room, where you can get your second free item on this quest!


You now have the Golden Knight’s Helmet!


Steps In The Maze Room:

In the maze room, you need the correct directions to complete the quest. Follow these directions in each room:

1st Room: Down

2nd Room: Left

3rd Room: Down

4th Room: Right

5th Room: Right

6th Room: Up

You should now be in the final room of the quest, where you obtain the prestigious Golden Knight Armour!


You now have the Golden Knight Armour!


This quest was pretty cool! Club Penguin is becoming innovative more to the members’ section, but I don’t think they are putting in much effort into non-member stuff.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend, and have a great time at the party!


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