Sorry guys and cool comp buys blogs

Below are the lastest cp cheats.


But now for cool comp,

cool comp has decided to buy blogs to promote arctic antics.

Here is his blog post on it!

Credits cool comp

About buying websites:
I was thinking that I’d like to buy really popular Club Penguin / Arctic Antics related blogs. Basically it is pretty simple: Arctic Antics earns me money, and the more people who come to it, the more I earn. But lots of people don’t know about it, but they may know about your blog. So, if I buy some very popular blogs, I can use your blog to advertise Arctic Antics.

Oh, hold on… Maybe I should just pay you guys to advertise AA on your blogs. The thing is though, I tried this before (sort of). I said that I would put a link to cool blogs on AA, if those blogs linked to AA. But hundreds of people created pathetic blogs and emailed me about them. (A few were good, but loads were pathetic – sorry!)


Ok, first let me tell you how I find out if a blog is good or not:

I go to and type in the blog/website address there. This checks the “Page Rank” (sometimes called PR) of your blog. The Page Rank is Google’s measurement of how good your website is. So for example, has a PR of 2 (which is poor!!!). has a PR of 7 (which is excellent). I am only interested in blogs with a PR of 1 or more.

Here are some ideas I had:

  1. Buy a blog from someone by giving them a Club Penguin 12 month membership for it. This would mean that I take full control of their blog.
  2. Pay you guys to advertise Arctic Antics on your blogs. I know some of you already do. I could pay in Arctic Points, or maybe 1 month CP memberships cards?
  3. Pay you guys to blog about Arctic Antics. Same as (2) really.

So, that was a long post, feel free to ask anything in the comments.

Cool Comp

p.s. I know this will be tricky for peope who share a blog with someone else.

Here are the cheats for the new Snow & Sports Catalog :


Go to the 6th page of the catalog and click, at first, on the penguin’s Surfboard, at next the Sea Shell and finally the Star to get the Silver Surfboard!



Go to the 8th page of the catalog and click on the Climbing Wall to get the Mountain Climbing Gear and the Hiking Boots!



Now, go to the top of the Lighthouse to get the new Club Penguin Pin!


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