Dec 08:Penguin Style Catalog

Woohoo! The catalog is out and it is awesome!! The black torque is back which was one of the rarest items!! Anywayz, here are the cheat in the catalog and enjoy!

First cheat, click on all four lights to light them up to get the yellow scarf!!


Next, click on the tip of the tree to get the Russian Hat!


Thirdly, click on the face of the penguin wearing the parka to get the viking helmet, click 4 times to get the blue one!!


Click on the pink hair clip on the girl penguin to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque.


Now click on the lighthouse to get the red hoodie!!


Next, click on the pink slipper to get the black superhero mask!


And the last cheat is to click on the coin to get the black scuba mask:


Lastly, here is the new pin founded at the Pet Shop!!


This catalog was awesome!! Even though I already had the red hoodie, I was able to buy it again lol, kinda weird P and cya guyz!! ;)

~Aznmonkey10 A.K.A. Blowsight10~


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